Why the data game is like the dating game

Since GDPR came into force in May this year, marketing departments have had to reassess their firms’ relationships with customers. The smartest have realised that the data game bears marked similarities with the dating game. Move too fast, for example, and the object of your affection is likely to scarper – clutching their precious personal data to their chest. Respect, tact and discretion are the ways to capture hearts and minds, but ultimately getting customers to divulge the information you crave comes down to trust. They need to know what’s in it for them – transparency and consistency of approach are paramount – and that their details are safe. Such trust is not easily won. Marketing departments must be able to demonstrate that any personal data they hold is collected and curated in line with the new regulation – including proof of all relevant permissions and consents. To do so effectively requires an integrated digital platform providing a real-time view across all channels. For those who see GDPR as an opportunity rather than an obligation, the steps necessary to achieve compliance bring the potential to inspire long and beautiful friendships by the thousand. Read the full article here

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