Our GDPR Compliance Platform Recommendations

Ready to explore the new GDPR compliance platform for personal data?

Transparent. Accountable. Empowering

Consentric is a cloud platform that delivers governance across your organisation in a way that is transparent, accountable and empowering for both you and your customers.

Consentric supports GDPR compliance ensuring organisations can manage all 6 lawful bases for data processing including Legitimate Interest and Consent. It ensures individuals always know what personal data is held and why. It gives individuals the power to exercise their enhanced rights under GDPR in 3 ways:

  • It delivers transparency.
  • It empowers individuals to take control over the processing of their data through consent and objection workflows.
  • It gives individuals the authority to activate their data rights.

Consentric empowers individuals to make the choices they want and that builds trust between you both. As importantly, because all the activity is captured in an immutable audit trail, you can demonstrate organisational accountability – which is required under the GDPR.

How does the Consentric platform work?

At its heart, Consentric has 2 stand-out capabilities.

1 – It has the ability to apply our unique “5W” framework – a system that records the 5 key pieces of data – to every single data subject:

  • What personal data has actually been collected.
  • Who is using or has access to that data.
  • Why the data has been collected and its purpose.
  • When the data was collected.
  • Where the data was captured and stored.

2 – Consentric’s second stand-out capability is the ability to handle all the “6Ls” – the 6 lawful bases for processing personal data across an entire organisation and every customer touch-point.

  1. Consent of the data subject
  2. A legitimate interest
  3. The performance of a contract
  4. Compliance with a legal obligation
  5. Protection of the vital interests of a data subject or another person
  6. Performance of a task carried out in the public interest

Who in your organisation will benefit from Consentric?

Consentric is designed to assist everyone who processes personal data and who needs to demonstrate GDPR compliance.


Consentric is hugely beneficial for those in marketing because it can increase engagement with your customers. For example, because consent is captured and objections can be recorded, you can maintain communications with an individual. That increases trust which in turn builds loyalty. And that’s good for business.


Consentric gives you the assurance that your company is adhering to GDPR compliance in two ways. Firstly, in terms of an immutable audit trail recording all interactions including Consent and Objections to Legitimate Interest justifications. And secondly, in terms of facilitating customers’ data rights. It also maintains a record of all Privacy Statements and Policies across all touchpoints.

Data Managers

For data managers, Consentric provides quality and compliant data underpinned by one single source of permissions – right across the company. This allows you to select the right individuals for the right comms or other activities.

IT and systems managers

Consentric is a best in breed cloud platform and it will easily integrate data across multiple organisational systems and any data collection touchpoints – which means there’s no need to adapt legacy systems in order to comply. And as, a Software as a Service, you have the guarantee that Consentric will be updated in line with new guidance and regulations.

Consentric is a powerful and highly effective way of providing a comprehensive and compliant record of processing activity and special category data.

In brief – what are the benefits of Consentric?

  1. It instantly gives your organisation and your customers a single place to record the permissions needed.
  2. It is constantly updated with all new guidance and case law which means it is a totally futureproof solution.
  3. It has the ability to handle all 6 lawful bases for data processing.
  4. It provides the single source of permissions across your organisation.
  5. It is a cloud platform with customer user interfaces that are highly configurable.
  6. It has an API so you can develop your own specific solutions.
  7. It is a simple solution and yet it can integrate with all your organisational systems and customer touchpoints.
  8. It demonstrates compliance in being able to provide an auditable record for GDPR.

About MyLife Digital

MyLife Digital was founded in 2014 (before the GDPR text was finalised) when the World Economic Forum published the ‘New Lens on Personal Data’ – looking at the challenges faced by organisations handling personal data, when individuals feared these organisations might “use data against you”.

It was clear to us then that an opportunity exists for organisations to be transparent, accountable and empowering to people they transact with.

MyLife Digital is head quartered in Bath UK, including three core companies, the Consentric team alongside, Wood for Trees – with data systems and analysis expertise and Insight – with elite sports performance.

MyLife Digital have been awarded preferred partner status by UKCloud, is on the GCloud 9 framework for public sector procurement, have gained Cyber Essentials and IASME Consortium certification and achieved the Information Security standard of ISO 27001.