The GDPR Compliance Platform for Marketing, Data, IT & Systems Managers

A checklist summary of who Consentric’s GDPR compliance Platform is for. This video gives a full explanation of who Consentric’s 2018 GDPR compliance software is for. Marketing, Data, IT & Systems Managers can all use Consentric for their personal data requirements and audit.

Consentric is a platform designed to help those people who process personal data and who need to demonstrate GDPR compliance. Generally speaking , it supports 4 main disciplines:


Consentric is hugely beneficial for those in Marketing – not least because it can increase engagement with individuals by ensuring transparency of data usage. For instance, because their Consent is captured and their Objections are recorded, you are able to maintain an accurate record to communicate appropriately with that individual. That of course, increases trust in your brand which, in turn, builds loyalty in it – which is good for business.


If you’re in Compliance, Consentric can give you the assurance that your company is adhering to GDPR compliance in two key ways. Firstly, it can do so in terms of an immutable time stamped audit trail recording all individual interactions including Consent and Objections to Legitimate Interest processing activities. Secondly, it facilitates customers’ data rights. Consentric gives both you and the customer control.

What’s more, Consentric also provides a view of what personal data is being captured; which department or organisation is using the data; the purpose that data was collected; and the period of time for which it can be used.

Data Managers

For data managers, Consentric provides quality and compliant data underpinned by one single source of permissions – right across the company. This allows you to select the right individuals for the right communications or other activities.

IT and Systems Managers

For IT and Systems managers, Consentric, being a best in breed cloud platform, will easily integrate data across multiple organisational systems and any data collection touchpoints – which means there’s no need to adapt legacy systems in order to comply. And, as a Software as a Service, you have the reassurance that Consentric will be updated in line with new guidance and regulations as they appear.

So whichever of these key areas you work in, Consentric has the power to radically assist the way you work, and support the automation of GDPR compliance.