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One of Consentric’s many features that sets it apart from less sophisticated permissions management tools is that it does not solely rely on customer consent in order to communicate. The many generic ‘consent management’ tools that have flooded the market in the wake of GDPR brush over the fact that consent is only one of ‘6 lawful basis’ for communicating with individuals. 1: Gaining consent of the data subject 2: Ensuring there’s legitimate interest 3: Performance of a contract 4: Compliance with a legal obligation 5: Protecting the vital interests of a data subject or another person. 6: Ensuring the performance of a task is carried out in the public interest. Consentric has the power to handle ALL 6 lawful bases for processing personal data across an entire organisation and every customer touchpoint.

So, what’s new?

We are incredibly happy to announce that this industry leading feature is being enhanced yet further. We already allow individuals to raise an objection to legitimate interest claims and previously these objections were automatically upheld.  We have heightened this functionality to provide the means to allow objections to be manually reviewed and a decision made by an authorised individual to uphold or reject the objection.

How will this work?

With this new update you will be able to decide whether you would like Consentric’s default setting to auto-uphold the objection or manual review. Within this configuration you also have the option to specify any exceptions to this default approach. For example, you may like to set the system to automatically uphold all objections except those relating to marketing collateral around events. Any objections related to these can be manually reviewed and either upheld or rejected.

How does this deliver value to my organisation?

This enhancement provides an organisation with the ability to be more refined in their approach to the processing of legitimate interest objections. Provided your decision to claim legitimate interest as the basis for communication is robust you have the right to reject an objection to this and hence keeping the flow of data open between you and the customer. If you were using one of the many ‘consent management’ platforms this would be impossible, and you would be cut off.

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