Connecting organisations and individuals

Permissions overview

Permissions connects your organisation to every individual. Empowering them to control their personal data and provide the consent needed for their information to be used for specified purposes.

With Permissions:

  • Users select what fields of consent they allow, deny or share with the organisation and their partner networks – in full, part or completely anonymously
  • You can manage and track changes to provide a timestamped history of their consents; recording what amendments are made, where this was actioned and who by
  • An agent can be authorised to act on an individual’s behalf if they are unable to manage their own consents online. Agents can complete the process remotely, talking it through with the individual in person or by phone
  • Individuals are assured that their personal data is safely stored in their own StrongBox. As it’s securely held in the cloud, organisations don’t need to hold data infrastructure on site


  • Risk is reduced as Permissions has privacy built-in by design and helps you meet GDPR
  • Your organisation’s approach to consent is transparent, as individuals are empowered to manage their own data sharing permissions
  • Permissions is your single source of truth for consented data usage, as consents can be added, amended or fully erased, across all connected systems
  • Ease of integration with all systems using open APIs for seamless transfer of data
  • If individual’s are not able to manage consents online, agents can complete the process remotely, easily talking through consent with the individual
  • Consents are synchronised with external preference services, such as telephone preference service
  • Internal teams can effectively select consented data sets for specific purposes and campaigns
  • Security of data is assured with individual StrongBoxes storing personal information in a sovereign, assured cloud platform
  • To ensure GDPR compliance, all changes are logged and traceable. Users receive notification of their consents