Connecting organisations and individuals

Permissions overview

Consentric Permissions rebalances trust and control of personal data between the organisation and the customer. It demonstrates that your organisation complies with data protection legislation by providing digital management for data consent and all the lawful processing justifications defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Bill.

With Permissions:

  • Establish a single source of truth for permissions
  • Integrate across the organisation with existing CRMs, Campaign Management Tools, ESPs and other systems
  • See a full permission audit trail including critical supporting detail and consent receipt generator
  • Provide transparency and empowerment to the customer for their data rights, to increase engagement, loyalty and trust
  • Offer a company branded customer self-serve portal
  • Help manage permissions on behalf of customers by using a Contact Centre portal
  • Improve personal data governance and accountability


  • Security risk is reduced as Permissions has Privacy by Design built-in

  • Your organisation’s approach to data processing is transparent, as customers are empowered to manage their own data usage and sharing permissions

  • Permissions is your single source of truth for data usage, as permissions can be added, amended or withdrawn, across all connected systems

  • Seamless integration with all systems using open APIs

  • If customers are unable to manage their permissions online, agents can complete the process on their behalf, talking them through their available options

  • Internal teams can effectively select permissioned data sets for specific purposes and campaigns

  • Effectively re-permission by visualising expiry and targeting renewal

  • Data security is assured with either individual StrongBox options for storing personal information in a sovereign, assured cloud platform delivered by an ISO 27001 compliant provider, or on your own secure storage system

  • All changes are logged and traceable, including the permission statement presented and privacy policy active at the point of customer permission

  • Improved personal data governance, accountability and transparency to strengthen customer trust in your organisation