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Engage overview

Engage enables data to be captured in real-time, both online and offline. Whether it’s recording the performance of sports teams, the health and wellbeing of patients, the contentment and engagement of employees, or the satisfaction of customers.

Engage tracks the key metrics your organisation needs to monitor, with an app built specifically for your organisation. You get powerful, timely insights, from data given with consent. And build engagement with your end users.

With Engage:

  • The individual stays in complete control of how their data is used.
  • It’s easy for individuals to record the activities that matter to them in their life because it’s all stored in the cloud. Online, offline. Inside, outside.
  • Self-reported and observed behaviours enable the organisation to expand data pools.
  • Both parties benefit from the insights these actions and behaviours share, helping with life decisions, strategies and planning.


  • Reduce overheads through more accurate data management – collection and collation
  • Obtain and use valuable insights for groups of individuals, which can be segmented to meet your requirements
  • Manage availability and measure the true engagement of individuals by recording attendance, interactions and feelings
  • Gain a broader understanding of your user base through self-reporting surveys, such as welfare, well-being, satisfaction and experience
  • Provides flexibility to tailor the capturing of data and insights to meet your organisational needs
  • Improve engagement with your user base so both the organisation and individuals ultimately benefit from the value exchange
  • Obtain comparisons across and between groups and individuals enabling comparative and ranked reporting with time-lines
  • Get actionable insights based in real-world practice and observe the impact of the change
  • Use your own branding as Engage can be fully tailored and customised