We help you realise the meaning, value and power in data

Data is of increasing importance and value. There is a real need for the insights data can bring. Hidden in your data could be the source of competitive advantage.

In the midst of the desire for data, organisations have lost sight of the most important aspect. Data comes from an individual. It is their personal details that are analysed. Their preferences. Their donation history. Their performance. Their health data.

An organisation’s digital transformation begins with transparency. It’s time to create the new economy with personal data as the currency and trust as the credit rating.

Consentric is your single source of data truth. Rebalance trust and control of personal data between your organisation and your customers. Demonstrate that your organisation complies with data protection legislation.

Consentric Platform

Online permissions management, real-time data capture, and machine learning brought together. One place for all Personal Data Management. That’s secure and convenient. That grows with your organisation. That’s Consentric.

Consentric Platform