Increase conversions, reduce customer churn, improve customer satisfaction and grow revenues

Strengthen relationships with customers by providing them the information they want, how and when they want it

Permissions Engagement Made Simple

  • Campaign driven communications

    Obtain permissions and preferences relevant to your latest promotional activity

  • Drive customer engagement

    Be transparent with your data and communication practices, build customer confidence in your brand, drive engagement

  • Brand consistency

    Ensure your brand identity is maintained throughout the customer journey

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Improve Your Marketing Deliverables

  • Know your customer

    Improve customer insight, define & respect permissions, increase engagement

  • Deliver against targets

    Ensure your customer gets the right messages they need, how and when they want them

  • Grow your database

    Granular permissions management, to reduce opt-outs and remain relevant

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Marketing Compliance

  • Communicate effectively

    Single source of truth for data permissions

  • Be transparent

    Inform customers how you use their data and allow them to edit their permissions easily

  • Comply with privacy regulations

    Stay current and in charge of evolving global data privacy regulations

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