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Provides core functionality: API & Admin access

Enables you to engage with your customers directly

Add more personalisation to your customer journeys

Tailor your permissions management to your needs

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Core Functionality

Data import

Initial data load and ongoing sync with external systems over the API

Contact centre interface

Easy to use web interface to manage permissions in alignment with GDPR

Push notifications

Subscribe to message queues to receive the detail of permission changes and use these to trigger downstream processes e.g. a consent receipt

Create & edit configuration

A simple UI to enable the set-up and ongoing management of Consentric to match your data processing

Audit history view & export

Full alignment and compliance with data processing audit requirements of GDPR

Revert transaction

Merge/ split citizen records

Not included
Organisation Interface

Admin portal users

Intuitive admin tools for permissions configuration, operational management and ongoing citizen engagement


Authenticated machine access over API

Securely connect to external systems

Customer Engagement

Contact preferences

Allow your customers to choose how, when and why you contact them

Not included

Value cards

Demonstrate the value gained or lost to a citizen by the changes they make to their permission options

Not included
Permissions Engagement Module


Specify the elements required for a permissions transaction to simplify implementation and ongoing system updates

Not included15Unlimited

Digital widget

A simple way to surface permissions and preferences directly to citizens within your organisation's digital journeys

Not included

Widget customisation

Tailor your Widgets to suit your organisation's branding and page interaction

Not included

On demand access tokens

Generate secure citizen access tokens on demand to provide more flexible patterns for widget implementations

Not included
Customer Care

Online support portal

Email support

Phone support

Customer success manager

Not includedNot includedNot included

Guaranteed uptime SLA

Not includedNot included

Monthly service reporting

Not includedNot included

Response and resolution SLA

Not includedNot included

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