Improve the consumer data experience and build trust with Consentric Templates

The key to creating strong consumer engagement strategies is to build great relationships – because all good relationships are built on trust. However, there’s a hitch: today’s consumers are concerned about data privacy and are unwilling to share their data. The good news is that this presents organisations with an opportunity to rethink how they interact with consumers – and to build trust around personal data.

The starting point for organisations must be to present a clear, consistent level of communication at each customer touchpoint – especially when considering the type of personal data that is being requested at each transaction point and the purpose it will be used for.

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New ‘on-demand’ access tokens streamline’s customer access to Consentric

Our new ‘on-demand’ access tokens expand the ways you can use the Consentric Digital Widget to give your customers access to view and update their permissions.  It provides an opportunity for the Widget to be integrated in new areas facilitating a more streamlined user journey which is paramount to any engagement strategy, which in turn builds customer trust in an organisations brand.

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GDPR Checklist xls

GDPR Checklist.xls – Your Route to GDPR Compliance

Whether you’re well on the way to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance (or even there!) or just starting your journey, we’ve put together a GDPR Compliance checklist xls document to help you.

With 36 boxes to tick, this GDPR checklist highlights how involved this regulation really is. But by completing this list you’re taking action, making progress and getting that bit closer towards compliance.
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Stricter data protection laws go global

Leading the way in the US, the state of California has recently announced new data-protection measures – the California Consumer Privacy Act (2018) that reflect the ethos, if not the finer detail, of the recent EU General Data Protection Regulation. Areas of Africa and Asia are also reviewing citizens’ rights over their personal data. All of which strengthens the case for organisations to develop flexible and holistic ways to track and manage data permissions.
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GDPR, Article 17 & The Right to be Forgotten

In the run up to the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force, a lot of time and resources were invested in securing opt-in consent from hundreds of thousands of individuals across Europe. Behind the scenes, these same businesses were strengthening defences to better protect the personal data they had been entrusted with.

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Data protection officer

GDPR DPO and Article 37

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force for a few months now, but many businesses are still struggling to achieve compliance. For non-experts, GDPR compliance projects create almost as many questions as they solve.

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GDPR Data Processor

GDPR Data Processor vs Data Controller

To ensure maximum protection for EU citizens, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) defines two roles into which every business handling personal data falls. Somewhat confusingly, these new functions have the same names as those originally implemented under the UK’s 1998 Data Protection Act.

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