Our response to the New Data Protection Bill

We welcome the Government’s approach to adopt and adapt the EU General Data Protection Regulation to meet the requirements of the growing base of technology users across the UK. In particular we applaud the desire to keep the UK at the pinnacle of data protection with the continual setting of gold standards – not only for protection, but for innovations in the digital arena and personal information management.

With Brexit talks underway, the UK needs to ensure that organisations based here maintain adequate levels of data protection to support future trade through data transfers internationally. Being a trusted and respected third country outside of the EU will allow organisations to seamlessly maintain the strong relationships they have built within EU member states and beyond.

We are heartened to see the Data Protection Bill will bring clarity to the GDPR to remove confusion and address some of the misunderstandings surrounding the legislation. We have noted in particular the confusion between consent and preference. One being the explicit permission to present information to a citizen, the other being how and when they would like to receive said information. These two terms are most definitely not the same.

There had been confirmation that the UK was to adopt the GDPR. Many organisations have begun policy and procedural changes ahead of the new data protection legislation as well as the EU Privacy Directive. This announcement by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport provides the assurance that these regulations are now law.

From our part, MyLife Digital has been at the forefront of technology, rethinking personal data and creating ‘Privacy by Design’ solutions, since 2015.

When we founded our business, the GDPR had not been proposed but we believed – strongly – that the citizen’s best interests should be at the heart of how organisations collect, store, utilise and analyse data. From the enablement of citizens to obtain a clear view of how their data is managed for themselves, to allowing them simple mechanisms to act on their rights.

For organisations, this highlights the strengthening of trust and improvement in engagement our framework can bring.

The digital age brings about the potential for sharing of rich data, but only if the relationship between citizen and organisation is transparent, and only if there is trust. Still further if there is trust, data can bring benefits to society as a whole.

Accountability for the GDPR, and now the Data Protection Bill, should be a Business as Usual exercise across the entire company. In fact, it’s much more than compliance – it’s ethical best practice when it comes to respecting personal data which after all belongs to the citizen, not the organisation.

Trust is central to our way of thinking, John Hall, Chief Executive Officer, MyLife Digital Ltd says,

“With Consentric, we deliver trust. More than products and services, we’re about communicating differently. Developing new and deeper relationships with your market. We enable people partnerships that gain you powerful insights. That add value to the individual, to the organisation and to society as a whole. So, everyone benefits. That’s the shape of the new digital economy. One that’s based on trust.”

If data is the currency of the digital economy, then trust should be the credit rating.

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They did it!

Congratulations team – they did it! 130 miles in 8 hours 51 minutes of cycling (just over 12 hours door to door, with a stop at each and every Dorothy House shop in Wiltshire and Somerset for a selfie, and sometimes a cup of tea!). Remarkably there was only one wheel change, no punctures or falls and they kept a pace of around 15 miles per hour despite the rain, wind, hail and sunshine!

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Keith Dewar

Building Customer Trust – with the Citizen at the Heart of the GDPR Experience

Unless you have been living under a rock, you can’t have failed to notice the GDPR compliance deadline is looming. By the 25th May 2018 all organisations serving customers across Europe need to comply with the new legislation. Regardless of the UK leaving the EU. Yet, IT Governance reported in July that 68% of a survey sample have yet to update their processes to reflect the new data subject rights.

In this article for CSM – The Magazine for Customer Service Managers and Professionals, Keith Dewar talks about the impact this new legislation will have across the entire company, and in particular, the Customer Service department that will be at the forefront when it comes to dealing with enquires from citizens, Subject Access Requests (SAR’s), engagement, loyalty and churn.

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MyLife Digital partner with Civica to publish Government Privacy Policy Report

To help local councils prepare for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), MyLife Digital and Civica have analysed the Privacy Policies of 137 different local authorities to see how they comply with the incoming regulations. The analysis shows that good practice is out there, but there are still areas of concern, and many councils still have work to do.

After researching the requirements for GDPR, together with the findings of recent Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) rulings, nine key evaluation criteria were identified. Weaknesses were identified across all nine areas, most significantly:

  • 28% of authorities still do not have a privacy policy online
  • 34% of available privacy policies do not mention the collection of personal data
  • 98% do not mention the profiling of personal data
  • 38% do not mention how data will be used.

The other five elements researched include; notification of how long data is kept on record, contact details for a data processor or controller and how data is collected.

All areas the ICO will be enforcing under GDPR.

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MyLife Digital supports health sector to deliver trust and transparency around patient data

MyLife Digital is sponsoring The Digital Health Conference 2017 in Salford on 5th July 2017. During the one day conference, which explores the sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) and latest innovations to be adopted by NHS organisations, MyLife Digital will demonstrate how the collection, storage and management of patients’ personal data needs to be transformed to improve health outcomes.

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Enhance fundraising. Comply with GDPR. Donor Index demo

Donor Index delivers machine learning analytics to charities large or small

  • Brings the power of Big Data analytics to charities as a “fundraisers’ friend”.
  • Algorithms optimised for charities and fundraising.
  • Innovative interactive reporting tool for extracting fundraising insights.
  • Powerful predictive capability for long-term supporter value.

Donor Index harnesses  the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to help charities improve their fundraising performance and fundraising strategy by understanding supporters and their behaviours.

The cloud-based Donor Index service ranks supporters by their expected value and also helps identify and reactivate lapsed supporters. Donor Index can also help UK charities find their most valuable supporters by region. These insights can be applied to improve segmentation accuracy and fundraising performance.
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MyLife Digital Launch Donor Index

MyLife Digital has harnessed the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to help charities improve their understanding of supporters and their behaviours. The cloud-based Donor Index service provides rankings of supporters’ expected value. These insights can be applied to improve segmentation accuracy and fundraising performance.

Donor Index has been created using the expertise of charity analytics practice Wood for Trees, part of the MyLife Digital group. With many years of providing consulting services to charities, Wood for Trees has accumulated deep knowledge of charity fundraising and segmentation performance. This expertise combines with MyLife Digital’s data science technology to deliver best practice from retail and financial services sectors to charities on a very cost-effective basis.

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How machine learning can help you learn more about your supporters

On the 5th June we held a useful, and enlightening, webinar for the Charity and Non-Profit sector. James Londal – Director of Data Science, Keith Dewar – Group Marketing and Product Director for MyLife Digital Group and Jon Kelly – Director of Analysis for Wood for Trees presented an overview of machine learning and a demo of Donor Index, a solution specifically for the charity sector based on years of experience in data analysis and modelling.

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Download a brief presentation explaining Donor Index

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If you would like further information about Donor Index, or to book a private demo please email ecorbett@consentric.io

How machines can help you learn about your supporters

Join our webinar where we show you how Artificial Intelligence can help you find new donors.

How machines can help you learn about your supporters

Artificial intelligence and machine learning might be the next big thing, but as a charity, it’s vital you understand the mechanics behind the machine.

To see what can be achieved, within the rules and regulations that govern your use of data.

James Londal, Director of Data Science at MyLife Digital, will share everything you need to know about how a machine makes its decisions, including:

  •  How machines take eight simple Yes/No questions and generate new patterns in your data
  •  How machines sift through vast quantities of information in seconds
  •  How machines can help us find insights that would otherwise remained hidden
  •  The value machines can bring to your charity

Tailored specifically for charities and the third sector, James will use practical examples to demonstrate the latest in machine learning and how artificial intelligence can help you find new donors.

If you’ve missed the webinar or can’t attend, still register and we’ll send you a copy of the recorded webinar.