Together We’re Better

On 19th October MyLife Digital sponsored, and supported, the Together We’re Better Conference at Bounce Ping Pong in Farringdon.

Together We’re better brings together not-for-profits, start-ups, the public sector and commercial bodies to collaborate, learn and fuel ideas around disruption, the change agenda and what this means across sectors.

Our Practice CEO, J Cromack presents “Not enough love and digital understanding” which addresses the issues organisations face with a lose of trust – especially when it comes to personal data use.  And, how we all need to champion citizens digital rights and help them gain a true digital understanding of what happens to their data once they provide it online.



What does GDPR stand for?!

J Cromack has written a blog for the Together We’re Better Conference, at which he will present “Not enough love and digital understanding”.

One of my colleagues was at a GDPR seminar in Cardiff last week and somebody in the audience actually asked this very question.


1. Did they book the seminar not knowing what they were going to?

2. Have they been living on another planet for the last couple of years (certainly the last 3 months as everyone on LinkedIn these days appears to be an expert!)?

3. Isn’t the right message getting to the right people at the right time?

Maybe, just maybe it’s a mixture of all three or more possibly there is still too much confusion and uncertainty out there.

To me, GDPR doesn’t just stand for the General Data Protection Regulation, it stands for – or means – Getting Data Protection Right!

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MyLife Digital and TermSet announce partnership

MyLife Digital (MLD) and TermSet have combined the power of artificial intelligence and best-practice GDPR consent and permissions management technology to assist organisations in achieving the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance more quickly, cheaply and accurately. The TermSet ScanR product automatically scans, identifies and retrieves all personal information in all documents stored within multiple systems such as Office365, SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, and CRM systems. MyLife Digital’s Consentric Permissions service uses the TermSet service output as a guide and navigational aid to capture, store and manage all GDPR-related consents and permissions associated with personal data across the organisation and its systems.

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MyLife Digital signs partnership with Bench for GDPR permissions management

MyLife Digital (MLD) will harness the power of Bench’s data analytics and technology consulting to help organisations deliver their consumers’ new data rights under the new regulation which comes into force in May 2018. Under a partnership agreement signed today, Bench will distribute and integrate MLD’s Consentric Permissions service into their client base. Consentric Permissions is a cloud-based offering which allows organisations to manage the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data consents, permissions and processing justifications for, and on behalf of, their customers or members. Bench is part of the international marketing services group, St Ives, and under this partnership agreement will be able to distribute the Consentric Permissions service into the other St Ives divisions’ client-bases.

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Eight Months to GDPR! Are you prepared?

25th May 2018 – GDPR Day is just eight months away.

Are you ready?

Start by asking yourself these five questions about data processing in your organisation:

  • What personal data is being processed?
  • Why is the personal data being processed, for which of the six legal justifications?
  • Who/Which organisation or department can process that data for the given purpose(s)?
  • Where (and how) was the relevant permission captured from the citizen?
  • When was the relevant permission captured from the citizen?

If you have all the answers, great.

If you need some assistance with the management of personal data, our Consentric Permissions can help by connecting your organisation to every individual. Empowering them to control their personal data and provide the consent needed for their information to be used for specified purposes.

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Crossing the Donor Consent Chasm

J Cromack is the CEO for Wood for Trees and one of the speakers at the Institute of Fundraising’s Transforming your Supporter Journey Conference. Here is a blog, he wrote to accompany the session.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming – like it or not! But in our view, it’s definitely like it. We strongly believe any organisation, be it business or charity, should hold a citizen’s privacy at its heart.

My colleague Andrew Sargent and I presented our 10 practical steps to making the leap at the IoF Transforming your Supporter Journey conference on 11 September, here are just a couple of pointers.

GDPR is an opportunity, to improve engagement with supporters in an open, honest and transparent way. To strengthen trust in your organisation, protect your ‘brand’ and reputation and be ethical by respecting your supporter’s personal data.

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Local Government News – Getting Ready for New Data Laws

Our Group Marketing and Product Director, Keith Dewar, reports on Privacy Policy research across Local Government Authorities, for Local Government News, ahead of the new legislation – the GDPR.

“There is still some work to do.” 

Our Consentric Permissions solution has been developed to address the challenges faced by organisations when it comes to the management of citizens personal data under the new laws. 

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Stop talking and start doing – GDPR that is!

Personal Information Management specialists, MyLife Digital, will host an event on 14th September 2017, at Eight Club, London, in preparation for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). ‘Stop talking and start doing’, organised in partnership with TermSet and GMA Consulting, is for anyone involved in their organisation’s GDPR implementation. From compliance and legal teams to marketers, project managers and IT/operations teams.

Whether you are taking your first tentative steps, or are already part way along the road on the journey to compliance – this session will provide insights on practical tools and solutions to help you. Gavin Lewis, Head of Alliances at MyLife Digital, will talk about managing consent in the real world and demonstrate Consentric Permissions – designed to be the single source of truth for consent and the five other Processing Justifications under GDPR.

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Helping citizens claim their personal data rights

MyLife Digital partners and presents at MyData 2017 in Helsinki

Consent & personal information management specialists from MyLife Digital will present on the international stage at the MyData conference in Tallinn and Helsinki later this month. Three speakers from MyLife Digital will contribute to the substantial programme of twelve different topic tracks, over the three-day conference which explores the future of the personal data economy.

MyData 2017 takes place from 30th August to 1st September, and brings together over 800 delegates and 130 experts. The conference focuses on human centric personal information management and helping individuals gain benefits from their personal data. Something MyLife Digital greatly believe in.

Simon Crossley, Director of Engineering at MyLife Digital, says, “At MyLife Digital we have always believed that the citizen’s best interests should be at the heart of how organisations collect, store, utilise and analyse data.

“The aims of MyData reflect this citizen centric approach – combining the industry need for data with digital human rights. The conference is a unique opportunity to get together with likeminded researchers, engineers, business representatives, government officials, and civil society advocates to explore the challenges and opportunities that GDPR will bring.”

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Our response to the New Data Protection Bill

We welcome the Government’s approach to adopt and adapt the EU General Data Protection Regulation to meet the requirements of the growing base of technology users across the UK. In particular we applaud the desire to keep the UK at the pinnacle of data protection with the continual setting of gold standards – not only for protection, but for innovations in the digital arena and personal information management.

With Brexit talks underway, the UK needs to ensure that organisations based here maintain adequate levels of data protection to support future trade through data transfers internationally. Being a trusted and respected third country outside of the EU will allow organisations to seamlessly maintain the strong relationships they have built within EU member states and beyond.

We are heartened to see the Data Protection Bill will bring clarity to the GDPR to remove confusion and address some of the misunderstandings surrounding the legislation. We have noted in particular the confusion between consent and preference. One being the explicit permission to present information to a citizen, the other being how and when they would like to receive said information. These two terms are most definitely not the same.
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