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No matter how much preparation organisations undertook in the years, or months, prior to GDPR, it‘s clear many didn’t win when it came to their marketable customer base.

Whilst research predicted that some organisations could lose up to 75% of their marketable database, our conversations have indicated that, in many cases, this could be considerably more.

There has always been strict criteria for handling and storing personal data but GDPR reinforced this importance. We chatted with staff from the ICO last year and they very firmly stated that you cannot contact anyone if you cannot prove:

  • they were already a customer or prospect
  • how you obtained their data (particularly if it’s data you need to contact the individual)
  • that the data held is accurate
  • for which purpose you collected the data
  • that there was any [direct] relationship with the individual.

This reinforces all of the principles of GDPR.

The first step to prepare for compliance should have been a quality audit before the legislation change. It’s become clear that this was not routinely undertaken, leaving marketers worried about meeting targets with limited reach.

It’s not necessarily all bad news. Many of those contacts were probably lost already as they were not actively engaged. So, what this allows is a concentrated effort to put the customer at the centre of everything. To improve the quality of your customer data and build a strong foundation from which you can reignite your database.

This will enable organisations to:

  • focus on engagement of new customers,
  • retain and reconnect with dormant customers
  • proactively communicate with all customers - compliantly.

MyLife Digital has been at the forefront of customer engagement, supporting our clients in reigniting their database, making permissions engagement simple and compliance for data privacy manageable and transparent.

By using Consentric Permissions Engagement Modules, you can empower your marketing teams to contact the right customers with the right message, at the right time. It sounds simple, and it is. We even have a free 30-day trial so you can see for yourself.

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