GDPR Survey Results - Personal data perception post GDPR

Over the past few months, we have begun to see a real shift in the ways citizens are viewing their personal data. With increased awareness of GDPR legislation, people are waking up to the huge potential their personal data can offer them; informed insight into their personal lives opening up a huge array of services to enhance their lives and productivity. However, with the recent widely publicised scandals of Facebook and of course, GDPR, citizens are becoming far more informed about the possible exploitation of their personal data by rogue firms such as Cambridge Analytica. Privacy by design and data access requests are going to become commonplace in a world of empowered data citizens. This is leading to a citizen-led movement, a movement that the Consentric team at MyLife Digital is at the forefront of.

Hungry for personal data control

In recent months we have run and been involved in research projects, focusing on the appetite citizens have for taking back control of their personal data. Corsham Institute, in partnership with MyLife Digital, ran a research project, ‘Your Data, Your rights’. The research showed that in the wake of recent scandals, 80% of participants said the events had made them think more about their data and what they share online. In spite of this only 4% of those surveyed felt they had a full understanding of who had access to their personal data and how it was being used.

Gaining trust by giving back control

We ran our own independent survey, gaining further insights into citizens attitudes towards your personal data. Questions asked people whether they would take up the opportunity to have full control over how organisations stored, processed and shared their data. We saw an overwhelming majority state they would. A phenomenal 94.9% stated they wanted full or more control over whom organisations are sharing their personal data with. This research shows the that organisations have to begin to show transparency with their customers, otherwise they are going to lose their trust, which will eventually lead to consumers going elsewhere if they lack confidence in the way certain organisations are sharing citizens data.

Maintaining customer relationships

Consentric by MyLife Digital has the solution to, not only help organisations become compliant with GDPR, but also enhance trust and transparency with their customers. Recent research from our partners at Experian has shown that organisations expect both their CRMs and marketing functions to be impacted significantly by the introduction of GDPR. Around 90% expect both functions to have an impact due to GDPR. The same report also found the number of consumers who say they are happy to share their data if they trust the company has nearly doubled between 2016 and 2018. This sits at the heart of our philosophy of fostering trust and empowering data citizens by increasing transparency. Consentric GDPR software allows users to manage their customer's data within their CRM’s and marketing functions, firstly, allowing them to demonstrate compliance with GDPR but also allowing them to build a relationship with their customers built on confidence and trust.

Dawn of a new age, don’t be late

These various pieces of research should be a real wake up call for organisations nationally and globally. We are moving into a time, where citizens are going to have and demand far greater control over their personal data. They will become the data activists, not only because of GDPR but also innovations in citizen-centric technologies. Doing the bare minimum to comply with GDPR will not be an option. To continue to grow, organisations should consider investing now to improve transparency and empowering customers to control the relationship which in turn will build trust and long-term loyal relationships.

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