GDPR Checklist xls

GDPR Checklist.xls – Your Route to GDPR Compliance

Whether you’re well on the way to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance (or even there!) or just starting your journey, we’ve put together a GDPR Compliance checklist xls document to help you.

With 36 boxes to tick, this GDPR checklist highlights how involved this regulation really is. But by completing this list you’re taking action, making progress and getting that bit closer towards compliance.

Go Further

Compliance should always be the lowest common denominator and not an aspiration. So, while this checklist shows you what needs to be done, it also highlights the opportunities that will open when you embrace GDPR.

This checklist sets out activities you will need to consider – and plan to act on, on your journey towards compliance. Use this to help you identify what support you may need from across your organisation. But please remember, this is for your guidance only and does not set out to address every aspect of the GDPR. It is designed to provide a pragmatic approach towards GDPR compliance. It does not constitute legal advice. If in any doubt you should check with your organisation’s compliance and legal advisors.

Important Note: 

On opening the checklist you will be given the option to either enable or disable macros.

We strongly recommend clicking ‘enable macros‘ in order to get the best user experience from the checklist.

Download Your GDPR Checklist