Insight in Fundraising conference

7 November 2016

Institute of Fundraising

MyLife Digital presents at Insight in Fundraising

Imagine if suddenly every potential donor refused use of his or her personal information. If, en masse, they decided that they’d had enough and didn’t want to engage with charities, organisations, public bodies etc. That they completely withdrew their consent. MyLife Digital is presenting on the hot issue of the declining levels of trust citizens place in organisations at this year’s ‘Insight in Fundraising’ Conference organised by the Institute of Fundraising.

While it is unlikely that the scenario above would happen to this extent, what is being experienced is increased scepticism about the use, and sometimes misuse, of data. Citizens are recognising that their personal details and information are valuable, and are becoming more selective about who they share it with and for what purpose.

In May 2018, there will be new regulations in place, in the shape of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Fundraising organisations have until then to become compliant. However, more than purely a compliance issue, it presents a real opportunity to use this time to fundamentally change the relationship with supporters, donors and service users for the better. To place consent is at the heart of the relationship, where together the individual, the charity and society can benefit and gain shared value from the use of an individual’s data.

  • Keith Dewar, Group Development and Marketing Director of MyLife Digital speaks on ‘Renewing engagement, commitment and trust’. Drawing on recent research, he gives practical insights for organisations to retain and deepen relationships with supporters and service users and regain their trust. Keith will be taking audience questions.
  • Matt Champion from the British Red Cross together with Andrew Lockett, Marketing Analyst at Wood for Trees, part of the MyLife Digital Group, will share how the British Red Cross increased donation income by moving from a ‘one size fits all’ to a more personalised approach. An approach that reaches far beyond just analysing previous donation behaviour.
  • In Wood for Tree’s second session, Jon Kelly, Director of Analysis, and Richard Dixon of Concern Worldwide share the journey of how they came to have a deeper understanding of their core audiences and who they were – and were not – talking to.
  • Duncan Locke of PGIR, also part of the MyLife Digital Group, presents a fascinating insight into how the smallest of margins differentiates the successful from unsuccessful elite sports teams. As one of the world’s leading sports analysts, Duncan shares how understanding the relevance of data sets is critical to realise the benefits of data in a fiercely competitive and highly pressurised environment.

The Insight in Fundraising Conference is organised by the Institute of Fundraising. It takes place on the 7th November 2016 at The Cavendish Centre, London, W1. MyLife Digital is headline sponsor of the conference.

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