DMA GDPR Countdown

25 May 2017

The Royal Society of Chemistry

Burlington House





MyLife Digital Ltd to present on using technology for GDPR compliance –

at DMA GDPR Countdown event


MyLife Digital’s J Cromack will be sharing his data-driven expertise for getting GDPR-ready, at a special DMA GDPR Countdown event on 25th May 2017 in London.

With just a year before the GDPR comes into effect, J Cromack will outline the core steps for managing consent within the new GDPR regulations. These include the need for a unified consent management approach, understanding the difference between preference and consent, and navigating the new citizen-centric environment.

The presentation will also explain MyLife Digital’s technology solution for GDPR compliance: Consentric Permissions. Showcasing how organisations can manage consent in a GDPR compliant way.

J Cromack, Co-Founder and Executive Director, MyLife Digital, comments, “It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to share with DMA members how technology can be used for GDPR compliance, ensuring they’re fully prepared for the new future in data.”

“With time running out before the GDPR comes into play, I’ll be taking members through the latest insights and demonstrating how MyLife Digital can help organisations realise the value, meaning and power of their data in ways that benefit the individual, the organisation and society as a whole.”

MyLife Digital Consentric platform

With a mission of rethinking personal data to deliver change, MyLife Digital’s expertise in data management, protection, and its service capability, reflects the latest thinking and best practice. Using the MyLife Digital Consentric platform, with individual consent at the heart of the system, consent data can be collected, collated and shared to provide informed insights. Individuals will understand the data that’s held, who can see it, share it and for what purpose. The Consentric platform also gives the opportunity for organisations to engage with their service users, collect data in real time and become a single source of consented data throughout the organisation.

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