Bristech – Serverless Computing

7 September 2017

Our Director of Engineering, Simon Crossley is at it again. Fresh back from Helsinki, he will be talking about Serverless Computing at Bristech Meet Up. 

Imagine if your code could be available globally 24×7, could scale automatically to meet demand, and be totally resilient and secure. And, for this service you only pay for what you use, and it’s all achieved with a single command. This is Serverless computing – the latest iteration of cloud compute resources that is easier to use than ever before. Cloud providers like AWS, Google and Azure, have evolved from Infrastructure as a Service, through Platform as a Service and are now able to offer Functions as a Service.

Streamlining DevOps towards NoOps! Serverless deployment enables many new services that were previously unfeasible, as well as promoting more distributed, event driven, web based solutions backed by an expanding eco system of developer focussed, cloud based services.

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