Data challenges

Personal data challenges and how to overcome them

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The countdown to GDPR has begun.

We take time to understand the challenges organisations, and their customers, face when it comes to the world of data

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Our research is wide-ranging. From Privacy Policies to the UK Data Protection Bill.  We assess current legislation and governance about how organisations collect, store and use personal data.

We help organisations prepare for The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ahead of the May 2018 enforcement deadline, addressing the changes this will bring.

We look at the opportunities created by:

  • Going beyond data compliance to address the concerns of the citizen
  • Building a better, deeper and lasting relationship with your donors, supporters, customers, employees, members, athletes and service users
  • Realising the meaning, value and power of data

Here are some of our findings. Stuff that helped shape Consentric. If this leaves you wanting to know more - visit our Opinions page for research papers and further information.

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From online consent management, to engaged end user data capture and the ability to add value to the data your organisation needs, the Consentric platform has a solution for you.