Demonstrates GDPR compliance

Consentric is a unique software platform that helps organisations not only to comply, but also to demonstrate compliance with personal-data legislation, such as the GDPR.

Fully configurable, Cloud-based and delivered as a service, Consentric has several UIs to view and amend personal data while integrating easily via APIs. It can be up and running in less than 24 hours. User interfaces show exactly what data is held, under which of the six categories of lawful data processing, and how it is used.

Organisations running Consentric enjoy full personal-data transparency, making it easier for them to build trust between themselves and the data owner. Consentric – a new approach to GDPR compliance.

10 stand-out benefits

  1. It instantly gives your organisation and your customers a single place to record the permissions and the granular purposes needed to process personal data.
  2. It is constantly updated with all new guidance and case law which means it is a totally future-proof solution.
  3. It has the ability to handle all 6 lawful justifications for data processing.
  4. It provides the single source of permissions across your organisation.
  5. It is a cloud platform with customer UIs that are highly configurable.
  6. It has use as an API so you can develop your own specific solutions.
  7. It is a simple solution and yet it can integrate with all your organisational systems.
  8. It demonstrates compliance in being able to provide an auditable record for GDPR, including the permission statement present and privacy policy active at the point of an individual’s customer interaction.
  9. Security risk is reduced as Consentric has Privacy by Design built in.
  10. Data security assured with either individual StrongBox options for storing personal information in a sovereign, assured cloud platform delivered by an ISO 27001 compliant provider, or on your own secure storage system.
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