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Consentric App. The easy way to get Salesforce ready for GDPR.

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The reason is simple. Our new app for Salesforce enables you to use the Consentric platform - the system that gives you the power to fully demonstrate GDPR compliance. And crucially, it does it in a way that’s totally compatible with your organisation’s needs. And that’s just the start.
With the Consentric App you’ll be able to view and manage consent and permissions as part of your existing Salesforce workflow. So, there’s no need for expensive bespoke builds.

You’ll have a central source of consent and permissions that meets all the requirements of the new regulations. And critically, it will work right across other organisational systems too.

On top of that, it allows you to still have the flexibility to be as granular as you need to meet your compliance, marketing and customers’ requirements. That way, you can provide the transparency around the data you hold; be accountable to regulators on the justifications for processing personal data and empower your customers to control and update their permissions. Most importantly, any updates can be recorded in an immutable audit trail.

Best of all, it’s extremely quick to implement. In fact, you can be up and running in a matter of hours.
So get ready for GDPR with the new Consentric App for Salesforce. Nothing could be easier.

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The Consentric App working within Salesforce

 The Organisation Portal:

Post 1


Demonstrating the immutable audit trail within Salesforce:

demo 2


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Benefits at a Glance

  • Delivers a comprehensive GDPR solution for Salesforce users
  • Provides central source of consent and permissions for the whole organisation
  • Leverage the other components of the Consentric eco-system like the Digital Widget
  • Up and running within hours and non-disruptive to your existing workflows
  • Regular Consentric updates to keep pace with developing regulations
  • Can be configured to exactly meet your company and customers’ needs
  • Works across all systems and interfaces so no need for bespoke solutions


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