Helping you demonstrate GDPR compliance

GDPR is enforceable from 25th May 2018. Consentric instantly gives your organisation the transparency needed for GDPR

Helps us identify if we are already engaged with your company
Helps us identify the best person at MyLife Digital to contact you
You don't need to provide us this information but it will help us identify the correct pricing information when we contact you.

By opting in to the selected communication you consent to MyLife Digital Group providing you with your selected material.

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MyLife Digital takes your privacy seriously. We are committed to protecting your personal data. Your data will also be used for relationship management, product information and event invites by post as well as analysis purposes to communicate the most appropriate messages to you. For full details see our Privacy Policy.

It handles all 6 lawful bases for data processing

It provides an auditable record for GDPR

It can be integrated across all organisational systems and customer touchpoints

A full demo will provide you with ALL the benefits

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