To Protect and to serve – Data Law Enforcement, not just the LAPD

Over recent days there has been several concerning articles in the press, revealing yet more widespread misuse of data across commercial organisations – particularly the digital giants, who still have a lot to learn. Why is this so prevalent? Fundamentally, the business models of many commercial organisations are focussed on mass profits, usually at the …

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Navigating your options – Take a short-cut with Consentric Groups

(this is Part 2 of our previous ‘Configuration’ feature update). Find part 1 here As eluded to in the previous product update, your business must be adaptable to keep up in this rapidly-evolving world. The ability to add new options to your configuration allows your business to stay reactive in these fast-changing times.

Dealing with subject access requests

In the pre-implementation phase, most GDPR compliant efforts were focused on securing the data held by your business. With potentially huge GDPR fines at stake, tightening security makes perfect sense.

Regtech to the rescue

MiFID II, PSD2 and GDPR all focus on data – either opening up access or strengthening its protection. Without the right data solution, financial service providers risk coming unstuck, writes Karen Watson of Consentric by MyLife Digital.

Seeing double? Now dedupe with Consentric Merge

We all know that having an accurate and up to date database of contacts is critical for building and maintaining customer relationships. A database filled with duplicates records and misspelt fields leads to sub-standard customer interaction, increased costs and the risk of fines due to non-compliance. Thankfully the Consentric team are here to manage the associated …

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GDPR and the Rights of the Data Subject

The General Data Protection Regulation contains numerous references to a “data subject”, before going on to outline their rights under the legislation. But who is the data subject, and why do they matter so much to your business?