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Article 29 Working Party, and GDPR Article 29

In the run up to the General Data Protection Regulation going live, a lot of attention was given to the Article 29 data protection working party. Made up of representatives from the data protection authority of each EU Member State, the European Data Protection Supervisor and the European Commission, the Article 29 working party was tasked with providing data protection advice to member states.

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Regtech to the rescue

MiFID II, PSD2 and GDPR all focus on data – either opening up access or strengthening its protection. Without the right data solution, financial service providers risk coming unstuck, writes Karen Watson of Consentric by MyLife Digital.
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Seeing double? Now dedupe with Consentric Merge

We all know that having an accurate and up to date database of contacts is critical for building and maintaining customer relationships. A database filled with duplicates records and misspelt fields leads to sub-standard customer interaction, increased costs and the risk of fines due to non-compliance. Thankfully the Consentric team are here to manage the associated Permissions changes with our new feature ‘Merge’.

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Why the data game is like the dating game

Since GDPR came into force in May this year, marketing departments have had to reassess their firms’ relationships with customers. The smartest have realised that the data game bears marked similarities with the dating game. Move too fast, for example, and the object of your affection is likely to scarper – clutching their precious personal data to their chest.

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Stay switched on – keep the flow of data open between you and the customer

One of Consentric’s many features that sets it apart from less sophisticated permissions management tools is that it does not solely rely on customer consent in order to communicate. The many generic ‘consent management’ tools that have flooded the market in the wake of GDPR brush over the fact that consent is only one of ‘6 lawful basis’ for communicating with individuals.

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