Month: March 2019

Happy Birthday WWW – 30 Today!

On the World Wide Web’s (WWW) 30th Birthday, creator Tim Berners-Lee said during an interview with Rory Cellan-Jones, of the BBC, that he wanted people on the streets to hold organisations and companies to account, when it came to data privacy and use on the net.

So we took to the streets of Bath to ask people what they want when it comes to personal data use in this digital age.

Here’s What We Want…

Thanks to the people of Bath for taking part, even if you didn’t want to appear on camera. The general consensus was transparency, control, no unauthorised sharing, no selling of data, share when necessary for medical research but not outside of the NHS, no profiling for advertising unless you have permission…

Now – join us and tell us What You Want – use the hashtag #WhatWeWant and post on our Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn pages or post your videos on You Tube here , so we can tell Tim Berners-Lee and the World, a collective “What We Want”.


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