Seeing double? Now dedupe with Consentric Merge

We all know that having an accurate and up to date database of contacts is critical for building and maintaining customer relationships. A database filled with duplicates records and misspelt fields leads to sub-standard customer interaction, increased costs and the risk of fines due to non-compliance. Thankfully the Consentric team are here to manage the associated Permissions changes with our new feature ‘Merge’.

The cost of low-quality data

Research conducted by Royal Mail found that 61% of marketers struggle with duplicate records. This inaccuracy not only increases the cost of marketing activities but also decreases the quality of customer engagement.
Engaging with your customers and gaining their trust is key to building a long a fruitful relationship. Throughout the customer lifecycle trust is built through targeted and relevant multi-channel communications based on individuals’ identities. Without a clear single customer view and knowledge of the individual’s permissions, this is impossible.
The same can be said for drawing insights from your data. Low quality data leads to resource allocation in areas unlikely to drive business value. Having a clean data set allows accurate, actionable insights with the added bonus of helping keep you GDPR compliant; protecting you from fines and diminished brand value.

How Merge can help

Consentric Merge is designed to simplify the management of Permissions data following a merge of customer records on an external system.
Via a simple API call, Merge acts to consolidate the Permissions data held on Consentric into a single view of the effective permission.  This ensures that the most up to date permissions information is maintained, protecting against data misuse.