Month: November 2017

Heard all about our presentations at MyData – now watch the films

Earlier this year we sent three of our dedicated colleagues on a trip to Helsinki, to present at MyData 2017.

We’ve talked about it (a bit!) so this won’t come as a huge surprise, but we are passionate at MyLife Digital about the opportunities the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will bring.

Organisations need to embrace the changes – those that do will reap the benefits, as will their customers.

Click on the links below to see the presentations by:

Karen Watson – GDPR the latest everybody must have

Simon Crossley – Building a Population Scale API

Ruaridh Thomson – Artificial Intelligence and Consent

Break out the popcorn and enjoy!


Which Personal Data Statement applies to you?

Whether you are a citizen or an organisation – chances are the new Data Protection regulation will apply to you (If you are a citizen of the EU or an organisation who holds personal data of EU citizens)

So, have a think about what matters to you about personal data – who you share it with, how you use it, what you provide and what you’d like as value in exchange.

Watch this short clip of our Consentric Wheel, then visit the Data Challenges page to learn more about personal data use, how the legislation affects you and how Consentric can help.



Why GDPR is an opportunity

“After seeing all the emerging solutions on offer at the Technology for Marketing Conference (TFM) at the end of September, I was reminded just how far technology has come in the last couple of decades, and how far it has still to go.”

Deborah Betteridge, Communications and Engagement Manager – looks back on, and to the future of, Marketing practices and technology ahead of the May 2018 changes to data protection for Marketing Tech News.

Read the full article here

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