Announcing the new GDPR compliance platform for personal data.

Consentric, the new cloud-based platform by MyLife Digital, can provide a comprehensive and compliant record of processing activity for personal and special category data.

In fact, through its easy-to-use interfaces, it can manage all 6 lawful bases for processing personal data. And it can do so right across your organisation and through every customer touchpoint, handing back control of personal data to the customer and by doing so, rebuilding trust.

Most importantly, it can do all this in a way that’s transparent, accountable and empowering to both you and your customers.

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Consentric helps you manage customer permissions and consent

One fundamental benefit of Consentric is its ability to deliver on ALL customer touchpoints across the broad spectrum of user interfaces. It is an “over the top” solution that can seamlessly integrate every touchpoint so that the data works across all your organisational systems. Although we have our own highly configurable user interfaces, we also have an open API for a development to create their own solutions supporting Privacy by Design.

Organisation Portal for contact-centre staff

Consentric manages both the 5Ws and the 6Ls (6 Lawful Bases) under GDPR. As a result, contact centre staff will be able to manage all of these, as well as customer preferences, from our platform. Consentric can integrate into widely used CRM platforms, including Salesforce, providing a common user experience but one with leading-edge functionality.

An immutable audit trail to demonstrate GDPR compliance for you and your customers

Record details of every change. With every permission or consent change you make with a customer (or customer makes themselves), link it to a campaign, a privacy policy and a permissions statement. Every change is recorded and time stamped.

Aligning with GDPR

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In brief - the benefits of Consentric for GDPR

In today's world, the correct management of individuals' data, is more important than ever. Without the correct systems in place, brands and organisations can suffer reputational damage.

Consentric, from MyLife Digital, can provide the reassurance you need in order to build trust with customers and individuals. It can do so because it is underpinned by the three pillars that are critical for a digital society to thrive.


Being able to show an individual what data you hold, where it’s from and why it’s needed

Instantly allow customers to know what data is held and the purpose it is used.

Highlights the processing justification used.

Informs which organisation has access to the data.


Being able to show individuals and regulators that you have the right permissions or justifications for processing personal data

Audit trail and consent receipts.

Link to Privacy Notices.

Demonstrates GDPR compliance.

Manages objection and right to erasure workflows.


Being able to put the individual in control so they can exercise their rights

User interfaces for both organisation and individuals [Data Subjects] to manage data usage (consent or objection to processing).

Individuals can consent to their data being shared and sensitive data being collected.

Who in your organisation will benefit from Consentric?

Consentric is designed to assist everyone who processes personal data and who needs to demonstrate GDPR compliance.


Consentric is hugely beneficial for those in marketing because it can increase engagement with your customers. You can maintain communications with an individual because their consent is being captured; their objections are being recorded; you are transparently informing them about the data you hold on them and the purposes. As a result of this interaction, trust is increased which in turn builds loyalty, and that helps protect your brand reputation. And that’s good for business.


Consentric gives you the assurance that your company is adhering to GDPR compliance in two ways:
1: In terms of an immutable audit trail recording all interactions including Consent, Objections and Legitimate Interest Justifications.
2: In terms in facilitating individuals’ data rights.

What’s more, because Consentric is a Software as a Service, you have the guarantee that it will be updated as any new guidance or regulations are issued.


For data managers, Consentric provides quality and compliant data underpinned by one single source of permissions – right across the company. This allows you to select the right individuals for the right communications or other activities.


Consentric is a best in breed cloud platform that sits “over the top” and will easily integrate data across multiple organisational systems and any data collection touchpoints – which means there’s no need to adapt a legacy system in order to comply. And as a Software as a Service, you have the guarantee that Consentric will be updated in line with new guidance and regulations.


Customer records securely managed with Consentric