Informed insight from informed consent

Helping you realise the meaning, value and power of data


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Data Challenges

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Informed insight from informed consent

Consentric helps you to realise the meaning, value and power of data.

Meaning: Individuals give consent for the use of their data. Privacy is protected. Organisations gain insights. Both parties improve decision-making.

Value: Redefining the relationship between individuals and organisations. Where there is mutual value exchange.

Power: Data is powerful. It means the opportunity to gain insights. To see patterns. To deliver change.

Consentric places consent at the heart of the system. Data can be collected, collated and shared to provide…

Informed insight from informed consent.



Data challenges

How do you, as a citizen, feel about the way organisations access your world of data? Are you concerned about the privacy of your personal data? Are you frustrated that you don’t see a benefit from the value your data provides to organisations? Do you understand the changes coming to data protection law? Have you heard about GDPR?

These are all challenges that organisations need to address for their customers. Fast.

Too many organisations have access to my data

650% is the anticipated rate of online data growth by 2020

Source: Gartner

I don’t trust organisations with my data

78% of consumers think it is hard to trust companies when it comes to use of their personal data

Source: WEF, Rethinking Personal Data: A New Lens for Strengthening Trust

New legislation gives me new rights

25 May 2018: date the new EU General Data Protection Regulation becomes law

Source: Chartered Institute of Marketing, Whose Data is it anyway?

Data challenges